Project Description

School Pathways Parent Student Portal

School Pathways is a personalized learning student information system that keeps track of students, schedules, and other more classroom data. The system also provides parents the ability to keep track of their children’s grades and student activity.


The first phase of the project was a team collaboration effort to identify the primary tasks of each user. All of this information would help in the redesign of the information architecture and primary navigation of the portal. The next task was to present all of these findings, and design recommendations in wireframe prototypes.

UI Design

A scalable graphical user interface was created for both students & parents. This approach accommodates the correct data presented on each screen and identify each user task more clearly.

Final Files

Final files were provided to the developers in form of a style guide. These files allow the client to extend and accommodate extra modules that are added in future phases of the product.

Other Work

School Pathways Parent Student Portal